Who I am

MI hold a degree in Advertising and Public Relations. Very soon after my first job position in the Communication Industry I realised it was´t for me. I was then sure that I wanted to focus my career on the fashion industry although I didn´t know where to start from. My first step in the fashion world began with a PR job in a showroom. I was in charge of the communications with international clothing brands and I had to assist to fashion shows to catch the latest trends. Also, I was responsible for choosing the right garments for clients. Working in that environment I began to discover the wonderful and charming world of Personal Shopper. I got the itch to be devoted to this profession fully!

Biografía de Marta de la Joya

After this experience I decided to leave this job and enrolled a Postgraduate Course on Fashion Business with an specialisation on Personal Image and Styling Fashion. From this Masters I learned the principles and main knowledge of shapes, lines, color, make-up, styling for magazines, videos, movies and more.

CVery excited, I started a job in the Marketing Department at the Madrid Stock Exchange while working asPersonal Shopper and Image Consultant on the weekends. My job as Personal Shopper was so enriching that I decided to quit my job at Marketing to focus on my passion, fashion.

To close the learning loop I went back to study and enrolled the Masters in Fashion Communication & Beauty by VOGUE. What a wonderful year! I could do an internship at Vogue where I discovered all secrets of this international magazine including the amazing work stylists do. I was involved in the creativity processes and publishing productions as well as determining fashion trends. I could find out new both national and international firms that were unknown to me before.

Marta de la Joya

One I finished my internship at Vogue I started working in a Showroom where I had to do communication tasks for Oscar de la Renta or Manolo Blanick among other important firms. And then, a great opportunity came to me: to work as a stylist assistant! I had to chose garments for editorial works to create new looks.

My job was tiring but so worth it and exciting! A sweet craziness… I also worked with fashion designers. I was by their side creating looks with their latest collection. I had the opportunity to work with signers, like Emilia de Poiret by choosing her clothing for one of her music videos. I also worked with several models and above all, I was doing what I liked the most: my job as Image Consultant and Personal Shopper .

This was an incredible experience for me but eventually I felt that I needed to grow up in the fashion field. That was the moment I decided to start my solo career.

All these years of work and effort have helped to create this beautiful project, this dream. Through the services here on my website I offer you the opportunity to re-discover yourself and to make you feel unique. You can get the best of you.

Would you like to join me in this new adventure?

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