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<h2>Our Services Image consulting and personal shopper</h2>
Personal Shopper
<h3><a href="https://www.delajoyapersonalshopper.es/en/servicios/study-of-color/">Study of color</a></h3><p>The study of color will determine your ideal clothing colours or the dominant color </p>
Personal shopper
<h3><a href="https://www.delajoyapersonalshopper.es/en/servicios/firm-workshop/">Firm workshop</a></h3><p>If what you like is, getting lost in Madrid looking for stores with many brands</p>
Image consulting
<h3><a href="https://www.delajoyapersonalshopper.es/en/servicios/shopping-online/">Shopping online</a></h3><p>A new concept in image consulting and online shopping</p>

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Who I am?

Hello! My name is Marta , your personal shopper, and I am here to bring out the best of you . I’d love to help you to feel more confident so you can shine. That is my job, to advise you and to help you to find out your personal style. I can also help you to make your purchases more profitable. You will learn which forms suit you better and which lines and colours benefit you. You will take full advantage of your new possibilities. .


Come with me and discover a new world full of sensations, experiences and color. Enjoy the services I provide, professional services that best meet your needs.

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