Study of Color

Study of Color

We are all influenced by seasonal colours, like brown and grey in winter and pastel or fluorine tones in summer. However, sometimes fashionable colours are not suitable for us and could ruin our look.

The study of color will determine your ideal clothing colours or the dominant color type. Your dominant type of color comes from the sub-tone, clarity and intensity of different colours on your skin, your eyes and your hair. Through overlapping coloured fabrics I will determinate your color tone palette and will give you a small guide so you can always consult it.

This first step will show out which colours enhance your skin tone rather than drown it out Once you know this it will be easier for you to choose colours and combine them together as well as to learn how to avoid color combinations for certain situations. In addition to that you will also learn how to makeup accordantly to your skin tone.

¡Knowing what colours suit you will give yourself security and will transform you into a new woman!

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