Study of trends

Study of trends

You’re walking down the street and you see a stunning woman with a pair of breathless trousers, and you go fast to ask her: “Sorry, I love your jeans, may I ask where did you get them?”

Fortunately, the woman responds pleasantly and politely. You immediately stop your plans and run into the boutique. The clerk sees the desire for those pants in your eyes and quickly pull up a chair and takes the last ones off from mannequin. You get into the changing room so excited that throw all your stuff onto the floor and then try the pants out but.. oh no! Why do these pants make my legs to look so short?

Fashion is a continuous succession of trends that disappear and reappear. Fashion is out there to be interpreted and not to follow to the letter; just choose the ones you like and make you feel confortable adapting them to your personal style.

Through this study I will identify which seasonal trends make you feel better in both ways, volume or color, and will create a portfolio with different outfits always in line with your style and personality.

Welcome to the smart shopping.

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