Study of Visagism

Study of Visagism

I remember times before when my mum used to take me out to the hairdresser. ¡It was so exciting!

I used to spend hours imagining myself through different haircuts; wondering how many boys at school will ask me for a date. But once reached the place, a small voice like Jimmy Cricket used to tell me “do not to cut so much, you have wavy hair and will get too much volume at the beach”.

Sure enough, my mother was right. It is important not to be just guided by fashion but match our face with the right cut; the right color hair and for sure, the right makeup.

Visagism analysis

With this visagism analysis I study the form, proportion and profile of your face and the shape of your eyes and lips. This will show the hair cut and hair color more flattering to your features as well as the right way to boost your makeup beauty.

This service can be accompanied by a visit to a Stylist and Image Consultant that if you like will give you a total image change.


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