Wardrobe Analysis

Wardrobe Analysis

We usually have the closet overflowing with clothes and ironically we do not have anything to wear. Old relics keep hoping to be back one day; those jeans you never use because they are not the right size… does it sound familiar to you?

Sometimes we buy compulsively without realizing that our wardrobe deserves a second chance. Inside it we have everything we need to be a stylish woman full of personality. That is why many times it is necessary to call a personal shopper to make you see all the possibilities your wardrobe offers you.

With this service you will get the most out of your closet. This is a studio where I will analyze your garments and accessories. First group of items that must be discarded are: out date clothing; the ones that are not your size and the clothing that doesn’t suit you well.

There are items that can be saved, for example, if you have a top of a color that does not suit you, you can add a scarf or necklace color that feels fabulous to illuminate your face. Here we will also see which items we should buy again. There are basic clothing we all need for the daily activity that I will also identify, basic pieces that serve to create timeless outfits. And finally, new looks will be created with the clothes you have.

¡Give your closet a second chance!

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